Caring Partnership's Values

Making a Difference

We are driven to achieve the best for the people who use our services and our employees. We are responsive and creative in trying to find solutions for the benefit of those we work with.

We work hard to ensure our actions match our words and that we fulfil the promises we make. We stand by our commitments and take responsibility for what we set out to achieve.

We work to build trust with people who use our services and our employees. We aim to innovate and improve the lives of those we work with to give people the best quality of life possible.


We work together as an organisation and with family and other professionals for the benefit of the people who use our services.

We listen and learn from others and work collaboratively with them to achieve common goals – we know we work so much better as part of a team than in isolation.

We support each other and motivate each other every day to ensure we all work to the best of our abilities, therefore ensuring the people who use our services get the best from us.

We encourage and motivate our team to go that extra mile in delivering a truly person-centred service and enjoy being able to share our achievements with others. We look for ways to compliment those we work with when they deserve recognition for their efforts and take pride in our successes as a team.


We care about people and use this as motivation to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

The needs of the people who use our services are of the upmost importance and we strive to make their day to day lives better. We care about each and every person we support and who we employ and put thought into how we can meet their needs as an individual and as an organisation.

We are approachable and listen to other people’s views and ideas; we treat everybody with respect and dignity at all times and value the differences that everyone brings to our organisation.


We set high standards for ourselves and are ambitious for people who use our services and our employees.

We are dedicated in our application of managerial best practice and are always curious about improvements we can make in our ways of doing things in order to achieve best practice. We never settle for second best and endeavour to be the best we can be.

We are open to feedback and recommendations which challenge us to learn from our mistakes and strive to agree goals which drive and stretch us to grow as a responsive and passionate high performing organisation.


We are always honest with the people who use our services, we are clear about what we will do and how we will do it and at all times ensure their needs are met.

We treat everybody fairly and as an individual, we are thoughtful and kind as we interact with others. We have high ethical and moral standards which form the basis for all judgements and decisions we make as individuals on behalf of the people who use our services, our staff team and as an organisation.

We want people to feel they can trust us, therefore we demonstrate honesty and transparency in everything we do and always strive to do the right thing.

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